lunedì 22 luglio 2019

Looking for a future

Have you ever been grateful for your present and what you have? If not, it's the rightful moment to do it. Our world is so diverse and at the same time controversial: on the one hand, we live great technological progress through which we can aspire for new peaks. On the other hand, we are so limited by the issues of our material world and constantly chasing money without having a look at the world we leave behind. Every single move we make, every action has an impact not only on our planet but on people as well.
Bans with children of Bogovadja 
You've probably noticed the wave of migrants that have taken up entire Europe and I reckon that you've complained a lot about them. However, they are not to blame for being born with another skin color, in a different religion and country. Serbia deals with a great number of migrants from all around the world. Imagine losing your home and your beloved. Wouldn't you look for the hope of a better life or would you be mentally and physically stuck in the past? Think about the background and the circumstances these people were exposed to before judging. The experience I shared in Serbia in its camps for refugees has given me a larger prospect of life and the obstacles one may encounter. It's a purpose or barely the strong will to live that encourages them to wake up every morning and find forces to go on and never back. They are also people with the same rights and responsibilities as me, like my neighbor, as you, dear reader.
'I want to live, I want to play' is the phrase of the child from the camp of Bogovadja that shook up my inner world. It made me understand the real purpose of me there: through little actions, I can bring big smiles. Actually, it is everybody's duty to have a contribution and take attitude. Step out of your comfort zone and realize that the world you live isn't smooth or pink. Be grateful for what you have today, but don't forget you have the privilege of a decent future just thanks to fate and the country you have been born in. Be the change and give others the choice have a home, a family and live the life they want without the fear that tomorrow may never come. Help them build the future everybody deserves.

This article was written by:

Gabriela Țurcanu, volunteer of "young Diaconia Chisnau", who took part in this experience in Serbia.

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