Setting Up An Efficient Garage

The garage is a great place to store our car, items that we don’t want cluttering up our home and more.  When we look at our garage we typically see a cement or concrete floor.  This floor is there to ensure a safe platform to build on but doesn’t really look nice.  What you can do is have a floor covering applied using concrete adhesive and turn your garage into a showplace.

Remove clutter

Before you start managing your garage it may be a good idea to remove clutter.  This clutter can be old or unused paint cans, worn out lawn equipment and more.  The rule of thumb is if you haven’t touched it in a year or forgot that you had it, you don’t need it.

Create a good workflow

You want to have a good workflow in your garage.  If you remove the clutter and just throw stuff back randomly then you won’t really be making any changes.  The workflow in your garage should start in the front and work backwards.  Everything that you are going to use on a regular basis should be in the front and everything that is random or used on special occasions should be in the back.

Fix and do repairs

If you like to fix things and do repairs then you will want to have a special section for that.  You can create a work area with a table, chairs and more.  Here you can tinker, do repairs on items and just enjoy the space in your garage.

Have a cleanup schedule

concrete adhesive

Once you have your garage setup and ready to go, you want to create a cleanup schedule and routine.  This should be done to ensure that your garage doesn’t become cluttered or messy again.  As a homeowner, having a nice garage is a sense of pride.