Benefits Of Using Epoxy

epoxy floors

Epoxy is one of the strongest materials around. Although on the surface you would not have thought so. You crouch down and you give the epoxy floors a firm squeeze with all five of your fingers. And you feel it’s sponginess somehow. You scrape these floors carefully with your fingers and you notice that there is nothing to it. Your invasion if you will has absolutely no effect whatsoever on the epoxy floors. You could do this finger test on other floor materials and see what different results you come up with.   

But do be careful how you do it. Do not apply too much force. In fact, whatever force you did already apply to the epoxy floor test, do apply even less force this time round. Chances are small to possible that you could initiate damage to the materials. Scrape away too much at the wood floor and you will leave it with scratch marks. And that is just from your own fingernails. In fact, learn this lesson now if you intend holding onto wood.

Or still have plans to install a new wood floor.

Do not, repeat, do not scratch the wood floor. And there are other precautionary matters that might need to be taken into account. By all means, do have a domesticated dog on your property. You must love dogs. But you must also take care. So, it is generally not a good idea to have a medium-sized dog scampering about indoors. The dog’s nails grow quickly and as they walk across the floor boards, they leave behind scratch and/or scuff marks.

No scratch or scuff marks on an epoxy floor. Just a light cleaning every other day and the floor is still shining as new, just as it did when it was first laid.